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4 Sep

Letter to Parents – Important

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25 Aug

School Opens 6th September

Welcome Back! Term starts on Wednesday 6th September as follows: New Year 7 at 8.30am in the main hall Years 8-11 arrive before 10.45am for tutor time.  

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11 Jul

Ninestiles Global Goals news report

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10 Jul

Academic Words 10-07-2017

This week’s words are: revenue, ultimate, derogatory & infer

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19 Jun

Academic Words 19/06/2016

This week’s words are: research, integral, philosophy, subsequent & whereas

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12 Jun

Academic Words 09/06/2016

This week’s words are: ideology, mediate, preliminary & violate

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19 May

Academic Words – 22/05/2017

This week’s words are: ascertain, penultimate, adjacent, foundation.

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15 May

Academic Words 15/05/2017

This week’s words are: adverse, implicit, predominant, resolve & highlight.

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8 May

Academic Words – 08/05/2017

This week’s words are: affect, principle, derived, procedure

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2 May

Academic Words – 02/05/2017

This week’s words are: compound, reluctant, subordinate & advocate.

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